“This is a strong and supremely confident record by a guy who loves what it is he does and given the opportunity can write a song with authority and style all of his own and it has mass appeal. I can see people really loving this record if given the chance to hear it; whilst mixing a variety of styles Stevie has created one of his own, and having an identity in this crazy business is not always easy. Play it to your friends and play it loud: these hooligans deserve it!” Dom Daley- Uber Rock


“There’s plenty of highlights to choose from, with ‘Bad Day’, ‘You’, ‘Set My Soul On Fire’, ‘Til Something Better Comes Along’ really shining through. One minute the music struts with snarling, punked up attitude and hooks, and then the next it’s stripped back to acoustics and piano that showcase a raft of emotion.

The stand out moment for me was ‘Til Something Better Comes Along. It’s one of those songs that deserves to live forever. It’s the kind of track that all bands & musicians strive for. Their perfect song. Some, struggle from day 1 and never come up with that perfect track. Then you have people like Stevie Pearce, who come along, releases a debut album and there’s THAT song staring you right in the face” – Matt Denny- All About the rock



“This is the Kind of stuff Axl Still wishes he was putting out”

“This is a strong multi-style debut album from Stevie and you can see why he is in Warrior Soul & Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate. This is an album that should take him far with the quality of the rock tracks on it. I would advise you to get the album and catch the man live” – Gary Cooper- Moshville times